Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pinoy Got Talent - Jovit Baldivino "Too Much Love" Video

It was so very amazing how this 4th year student capture the heart and soul of the judges and the viewers during the recently concluded Pinoy Got Talent Champion  last night June 13, 2010. Araneta Coliseum was in "chaos" sorry for the overly reacted word,  but if you were there that applause is so ear breaking. Some are crying because of this boy's dream finally come, and he is only beginning...

The first time I watch him during the audition, you would definitely say, hey is he really auditioning? Everything about him is so ordinary. I almost change the channel and look for another show but when he started
singing Faithfully.. Wow! just like Ai-Ai and Kris Aquino, a found myself open mouth as if I am hearing the original artist who sing that song. His voice is so powerful and intense. As if he could penetrate anyone's heart.

Then he told Ai-Ai that he is part time student, he was helping his parents. A great talent from an ordinary family. Jovit was so blessed and the 2 million pesos that he just won is truly there to where it should belong.

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