Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Is there Power in Law of Attraction

Have you ever experience waking up in the morning with a smile on your face. Upon opening of your eyes the spark is there already!Your mind is set on to see wonderful things, it is focused on great things that is and will come your way all throughout the day. As a result, you will get off your bed, lightly took the shower, you will greet your beautiful mom who lovingly prepared your breakfast. In short, everything is light and wonderful!

Being Happy or Sad is what we choose to have for the rest of the day. If you want to be happy and take the day lightly, surely the hours will pass wonderfully and with ease.  Furthermore, great opportunities just comes out of nowhere, it is because you attract good positive force. If you choose to be sad or gloomy, definitely you will have a bad gloomy.. so sad day. Of course, there are times that we cannot help but fell sad sometimes but cheer up, life is full of surprises, we have to live for today, for tomorrow will took care of itself. Live with your "now". This is what I read from my favorite Truly Rich Club Author Bo Sanchez. Life is too short to think of problems that we forgot to see the wonderful opportunity that God gave to us to share with our love ones and friends.

Life is what we make it! What we think manifest the environment we are in right now. Do not lose hope, even if you are in too deep trouble, God will not let you down especially when you are at your lowest point of your life. The great Healer and Provider is just here with us, patiently waiting and able to help.. if we let Him come into our hearts.

Thus, I agree with Fulton Oursler quot, We crucify ourselves between two thieves:
"Regret  for yesterday and fear of tomorrow"

Don't give up. The power of attracting great and wonderful things in all in our mind. Feel it, live with it and see yourself into that wonderful situation right now. I guarantee you, it really feels good. Then everything else will follow. God give us this power, mind over matter, use it to our advantage and for the glory of our God.

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