Sunday, July 18, 2010

The wonders of FAITH

In every circumstances that we have, we tend to do anything to get through it, we sometime surrender everything to make it work because we still feel that there is hope, that things will be alright after this. 

Is this what we call Faith? Does faith automatically connect us to God? 

In a Christian point of view, it is. Faith is not just believing in your self, it is confirmation of what GOD can do. It is surrendering to God's power, that he is able to do the impossible things for us to accomplish.

If you truly know God, you know what is His capabilities. He can and He is able to make things right for us only if we are willing.  There are no words here on earth that can describe what God really is, but he is so generous that He let us have our own choice. he can work if we choose Him to do it for us. Believing in the promises of God is a sign of faith. You have to Believe in His words because it is true. It is committing your trust in  our Lord.

We have to remember that the Lord doesn't work because of our problem, sickness or fear, He work because of our faith. He work things for us  in order for us to be strong and truly acknowledge that he is God Almighty who can do all things. He wants us to end up as a Winner. Jesus said I will fight for you, and is true to His word. Because of your faith, God will work for you.

True Christian have open their heart for the following:

1. Holding to God's promises, know God as your Saviour
2. Believing to His words, it never changes yesterday, today and til forever
3. Declaring the goodness of our God all the time

This is faith. If you have faith, you are at peace.

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