Sunday, December 16, 2012

Joyful Giver Musical Night in Dubai City

Joyful Giver musical night in Dubai city

Got this cute picture, actually I though it is quite distorted but what I saw was a different musical notes, then I label this picture a dancing notes in the air, musical night in Dubai City. 

Since this was taken during our visit at the Creekside Park in Dubai and the night is still young, the park is full of people, families with their children, probably this is what the air and the atmosphere is saying.. they are delighted to all the people and are happily dancing notes and music in the air.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Joyful Giver Lesson Stop Worrying

Joyful Giver Lesson Stop Worrying Quote

Worrying ruins our views to think positively in life. It will do us no favor, thus we do lose most of the time. The once opportunity that knocks at your doorstep will just slip away in seconds doubt enters your mind.
Got some experience of that and it pains me to let that chance escape in-front of my eyes. But you must not linger crying over spilled milk right? It is a lesson that once in a while, taking risk is part of our life. If we continue to wait for things we want, we missed blessing that might be the start to making that dream you want into a reality.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Joyful Giver Chow Time at Salt & Pepper

Joyful Giver Chow Time at Salt & Pepper in Dubai

My first time to eat at Salt & Pepper restaurant in Dubai as a treat from my husband.  The food is delicious and the place is quite cozy. They serve Filipino dishes and the Relyenong Bangus is awesome!

Wait for my next stop as we explore different food chains and resto here in Dubai.

As For now, Chow everyone! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Joyful Giver Aim Be Fruitful

Joyful Giver Aim Be Fruitful

Be fruitful is one of the commandments the bible tell believers. Is it applicable in the today's world? in my own opinion, the word be fruitful, go and multiply.. no longer apply with having more children in order to filled the world. It is more now on multiplying your self into a fruitful individual, filled with generosity, able to give and share with people that surrounds us.

As a joyful giver, be fruitful in your ways how you make the most of your life. Excel, Explore and Be the Best you could ever be. Most of all Share, because only through sharing that you will be able to excel more.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Joyful Giver's Prayer

A Joyful Giver's Prayer

Once in a while, no, if I am telling the truth, most of the time, we feel anxious on many things. Especially when our prayer don't seem to get an answer from God. We exert effort to keep on reminding God about our need up to the point that we tend to give Him a deadline. That is so human, that is most of us. But believe or not, God is there, patiently watching us, looking for  even a little itchy bitsy tiny faith we have, if we can endure to just wait for a while. For God's timing is always perfect, it is never late nor ever wrong.  

As for my personal experience, I ask him many times.. is it for me , when will it be? if not,could you be.. , ahh.. I tend to give God options on how He could answer my prayers, choose the best answer Lord, but make sure what I really want will be your answer.. duhh, sounds familiar? I know He is sadden by it and I am ashamed of it. As I struggle in my faith to wait, the more that the Lord teach me to be of courage. Never once that he let me down,  that I remember, and I know if only I will wait just a little more, God's answered prayer is on the way. 

"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good,  His love endures forever" Psalm 136:1

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Joyful Giver witness the 41st National Day of UAE

Joyful Giver witness the 41st National Day of UAE

Just like this sweet donut, I am sweetly mesmerized by how UAE celebrate their National Day. With extravagance and great love.  

On this day, 2nd of December 1971, the United Arab Emirates was formed after receiving its independence formally from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and eventually leading to the unification of the seven emirates which together formed the UAE, the Dubai Chronicle reported. Info from Khaleej times

Since it is my first time to witness such big event, I could say that Arab nationals truly showed patriotism, a devotion to one's country. From the spectacular fireworks, colorful cars that has a pictures of their leader and the color of their flag to the goodies cakes and clothing, you can see flag of UAE all around. It is really their day!


Happy 41st National Day UAE!  We Filipinos celebrate with you cause your country allows us Filipino to work in your country thus this serve as our bread and butter to help our family and country as well. With that we are truly grateful.

May Allah bless you all the more.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Joyful Giver Simplicity Counts

Joyful Giver Simplicity Counts

Nowadays, everything and every body is coping up with modernity. New gadgets, robots, ipad, colored eyes, wacky hairs, tattooed body, body piercing and all the wild and amusing changes any one could ever imagine.

However, simplicity never runs out of style. Without added ornaments it can simply excel on its own. Just like in one's personality.. you can never outgrown a person or a lady with a simple intelligent way on how she carries herself.

Living simply protects you from too much complexity in life.