Friday, May 7, 2010

WHO IS YOUR PRESIDENT? Philippines Election Day

4 More days to go, mark your calendar guys May 10, 2010.. soon will have a new President to lead our country, new line of "public servants". Were gonna have the first time ever fully automated election day. It is so wonderful to be part of the history, I was there alive.. casting my automated ballot for the first time. (Let's pray this will work accurately!) After casting of the ballots and at last the proclamation of new leader .. the testing time is here. Will these people fulfill what they have promised during their campaign, will it materialize or just the same a new set of corrupt and selfish people who uses power to gain wealth and self-gratification.

We should continuously pray that they will serve the Filipino people well. Uplift our morale and be able to stand infront of all other countries that we are proud to be Filipino.

Now, since the power is now in our hand, cast your vote intelligently. They will serve us for 6 years. This is short time if we successfully chose a true leader but, sad to say, this will be a burdern, a very long time if we put into power a corrupt man.

Who is your President?

My President is a person with a heart who is compassionate to the poor, a man that fulfill his word,a friend who value friendship, a leader who has authority and had set of plans to lead the people to prosperity and a path of honesty. A fighter of wrongs and a lover of peace.

I pray to the Lord that He grant us wisdom to be able to choose a leader who will ring Philippines become a successful, free country.

Now, after you made you your mind who to vote. Let me help you finding your precinct so that it will be hassle free on election day. Click the website below and find it here:


Now, let me ask you, who is your President?

I would love to hear from you too! Just give your comment below and let's talk.

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