Sunday, May 2, 2010

Removing Fear from you Heart

Opposite of Love is Fear and not hate. If you entertain fear in your heart you will limit the full potential of what you can do.

Fear is a sign of lack of faith and cowardness. It is a doom way of living your life.

Here are ways to remove fear from your heart,

Believe that God is more than enough and powerful that we could ever imagine. He can impossible things you can't comprehend.

If you've been into business and things seems hard to push up, just like what I am experiencing right now, believe of God's presence. Think always of success. God will not leave you so take courage.

Continue to do hard work, go forward, many successful man experienced hundreds of failures, rejections and frustrations but eventually they made it through. They have known the true value of success.

Walk extra mile, continue learning, join with people who have a positive point view of life. Persons who welcome challenges and had strong will to overcome it.

We must remember that God gave us the following to equip us in meeting challenges in life and turn fear into love.

1 He remove our fear - the Lord overtook our sins in order for us to enjoy the full benefit of everlasting life, all you need to do is accept Jesus into you life and let Him take charge!

2. He give us peace - everything is set upon us all we have to do is to ask or request it from Him. Financial blessing, health, love and abundance is at our tip of of our tongue, ready to spill out for our Lord to grant.

3. He give us joy and happiness - contentment is with the Lord. When we remove fear into our heart, love , happiness and joy will flow easily into our whole being.

4. God gave us empowerment to be able to do his will - the Lord leave us his Words through the Bible, it has all the answer to our questions and teachings that able us do beyond our potentials.

Are your experiencing fear and doubt right now due to problems and challenges you are facing? Love, sickness, financial problem? I do too, I have my worries as well, all people experienced it but there is a way, believe it will end up soon. In God's perfect timing all will turn out that it is for our own good, problems teaches us a lesson. It made us wiser and mature.

Fear not, when all things are shut down for you. Maybe it's about time to look up!... God is watching, He is willing and able to help you.

For inspiring ideas you want to share with us, feel free to write your comments and let us inspire one another.

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