Monday, May 10, 2010

That Is Why I love smiling !!!

Did you know that it only takes around 12 muscles we used for smiling? That is according to Dr. David Song,  a plastic surgeon and associate professor at the University of Chicago Hospitals.

So how about if we frown...It takes 43 muscles to frown.. ahh, now it made sense..

that is why unhappy people or those who gets easily irritated have lots of wrinkles (lol!).

But, seriously, it's true.

Now, would it be much nicer to just smile, aside from it will make your face beautiful, you sorround  yourself with positive vibes.

Well, there are lots of reason to smile, waking up in the morning you saw your beautiful super energetic kids, you saw sunlight that smiles back at you, you got to meet your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can watch your favorite move or read inspiring book, there are lots of reason to smile about but if I continue my examples, I will not be able to finish this writing .. right! hehe..

Ok then, I listed 7 wonderful reason why keeping a smile on your face is such an easy and the best way to start your day.

1. God has a plan for everything, never doubt it - everything is at the hand of our Lord, he will give what we need. Do you believe that God has a purpose why we exist in this world. He will surely protect us and give us wisdom and armor to fulfill that purpose.

2. Trust in his timing - God is the master of time, and his timing is always perfect. So do not worry whatever we ask for as along as it is for our own good, he will surely provide at the right time.

3. Rely on his promises - Our God's promises is the same before, today and til forever. If we read the bible all the promises He had with our ancestors he did fulfill.

4. Wait for his answers - There are 3 ways how God answer our prayer, First, He says No- because it's not what you need and providing it will do you no good. Second, He answers Yes,because it is what you need and your request is will do best for you. Lastly, He says WAIT, to test our faith and He has prepared better and wonderful gift for you!

5. Believe in his miracles - All the impossible are so easy and POSSIBLE with our competent and able God.

6. Rejoice in His Goodness - All good things are provided by our God, the very air we breath comes from God, the many wonderful places and many dependable friends are all His gifts for us!

7. Relax in His Presence - With All Knowing God, we can relax, He knows what's best for us.

Life is full of challenges and it really up to us how we handle it, and the best way is to keep our faith, continue working on pursuing your desires in life. It will end up what we wanted it to be. Believe in God and believe yourself.

God bless you.

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