Friday, April 30, 2010

8 Qualities of Divine Love

Love they say is something, it is a commitment, a responsibility. But how do we know if the love we feel for a person is true and not just infatuation?

Here are the 8 Qualities of Divine Love

1. Duration - Divine love is lasting and eternal. It never expire nor it has a duration.

2. Consistency - True love is not changing, it maintains the same.

3. Patience - Love endures, it has unending understanding.

4. Faithfulness - it is honest and faithful all the time. Even when you are apart, no never will do anything to hurt someone you love.

5. Record of wrongs - Divine and true love records no wrongs. It is always reset to zero. For a wordly love, wrongs is filed up and is continuously counted.

6. Persistence - Endless love never give up, it keeps on going forward.

7. Interest - It always look at the interest of the other person, to the person you love. Always giving satisfaction, never after one's gratification.

8. It is Forgiving - Divine love is forgiving. Always open for forgiveness.

Spread love and always remember that Love conquers all.

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