Saturday, May 15, 2010

How To Quit.. Quitting?

I QUIT!..Quitting?

I am finding life hard because of the problem I have cause. I cannot blame anyone because I am the one responsible for it. Sometimes I just want to shrink down into a hole never to come out again. Or just wish I will just evaporate up into the thin air. Worst I sometimes pray I will not wake up anymore.. Life is so hard!

Why I keep on ending in a mess? I have tried my best to make things work out, i have been good, really, I try to be fair with everyone..but why life is hard  for me? It seems I am caught up in a trap and no one .. nobody .. can help me get out of it.. Life is so unfair!

I give my best to be a good wife, but why is he is somebody's arm? after building my whole life evolving only to him. I am a wonderul girlfriend, that's what I think of myself but why does he fall out of love easily. Life is cruel!


Sound familiar? This precisely is what every people experience and this is what we usually
say to ourselves. Lots of why's?

Life really is full of challenges, but let put what if we look at it in a positive side. Let us change our point of view from the dark side to the lighter part of life. Mistakes are a great teacher. When we make mistake, it means we are learning fast.

Caught up in debt! Will everything can be arranged in a nice settlement, we have the ability to make money follow us. Test everything, lets go out of our comfort zone. The Lord provide us with brain complete with a physical strong body in order for us to use it to learn how to fish! He give us abilities, great mind and creativity.

Heartaches! Ouch! I cannot say it is not hard, or that's okay.. everything will be just fine. No, it's not okay for a moment, yes, but soon it will be. Pain will fade away not easily though  but surely as time goes by it will be forgotten. Put out the bad memories behind. Someday, someway, something good will happen and it replace your heartache into Joy.

Betrayal. It is so hard to accept, if after all what you have done, people you expect to help you in times of trouble turn their backs on you. Or you never expected that the person whom you trust especially if he or she is part of the family, a relatives or a best friend will put you in a situation where your honor or name is at stake. It is quite hard to forgive.

The only thing that does not change is CHANGE. So how about saying this things to ourselves in order
for us to face life's trials and challenges lightly.

I QUIT ... looking at problems and focuses on great things that I can do and opportunities that comes my way!
I QUIT ... blaming others for all my misfortunes but will be more extra nice since everyone of us faces different challenges.
I QUIT ... putting limitation for myself, I know I can do great and extraordinary things.
I QUIT ... thinking of negatives things and will attract more positive thoughts!

I QUIT .. Quitting, because quitters never wins, and those who never quits wins.. big big win!
I AM .. a wonderful person, all the good things in life I attract. I affirm that God's plan for me, big dreams and
success is on my way!

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