Thursday, May 20, 2010


As I read about the article of Daxx Bondoc about "Excuse Me God, I Am Still Doing My Thing Here". I felt quite pain in my heart since I am too is guilty of this.

Have you ever said to God, “Can I have a rain check?” Or “I am still busy pursuing my thing here. I will get back to you  later.”

Most of us are guilty of this.We have placed God on the sidelines or on the shelf.

True, most of us focus on our personal aims in life.. focus on material thing, living abundantly with eyeing only on money, thinking it is all we need to have a happy life. But is it all there.. is this how LIFE is all about?

I agree with him that Our vocation is finding our purpose, discovering the role where our God plans has to fulfill. Only   when we realize and live that purpose, that role,can we find true fulfillment and joy.

"A fish is happy when it swims. A bird is happy when it flies. They are happy because they doing what they are created to do". Discerning God’s calling to our lives should be our priority. It is our priority simply because we want to be happy, we want to be fulfilled. To delay is to postpone joy and fulfillment".

A very well said post for us Christian who live by faith and not by sight. But how can we feel and find our purpose in life? We have to have time to talk to God. When we are in His presence everything will be clear and are in the right way.

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  1. A great post, in this busy world, we seldom talk to God, He has all the answers about life, we just have to ask him.