Monday, April 26, 2010


It is so wonderful to hear when someone calls you by your name right? Like Maria Leonora Teresa, too long, but that is one of the well known name during 70's when Superstar Nora Aunor is at the peak of her stardom. Your name can be.. Andrea, Sofia, Jocelyn.. what ever it is, the sounds of someone calling your name is beautiful to hear.

A name is our trademark, our symbol of our existence in this world. The name our parents give us, they search, think over and sometimes argue about it .. debating what is the best name to give us. It is so funny right. And at last after a very long deliberation, you got your name! So when you come out into the world.. Hi Jocelyn! so pretty isn't she.. hahaha.. sorry, I got carried away, anyway no parents ever, from what I heard and experience huh that a parent will say to their children, you are so ugly. So definitely, the word that will come out from their mouth.. oh, so cute and angel like..hays.. hope she will be like that forever. (Good thing we did not stick to being a baby! or else I cannot write blog about our name.)

Now, going back to my name, what I would like to emphasize here is for those who have same name as mine - Jocelyn.

Did you know that Jocelyn name is believe to be come from a Latin word. It is pronounced Joss-lin which means cheerful and joyous. That is why, from my own personal point of view, all the Jocelyn I have know are happy person, they are fun to be with and jolly in the group. From my own experience, though there come times that I feel down still I find way or reason to smile. It is so natural for us to laugh and take life lightly. To all JOCELYN all over the world, I invite you to put your comments here or link you site with me so that we can show the world how beautiful, charming and happy Jocelyns are!

Why this is quite true, famous bearers of this name include socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein and comedian Jocelyn Jee Esien. Filipino descent Jocelyn EnrĂ­quez is a dance singer from San Francisco, She has recorded a couple of Billboard Top 100 hits. They are just few of the many wonderful Jocelyn out there. So let your voice be heard!

Something fun to do, I got this numerology chart and it is worth your time to check and see what your name's character is, read the instruction below and you will find the answer below. Have a great time.

1 - A, J, S
2 - B, K, T
3 - C, L, U
4 - D, M, V
5 - E, N, W
6 - F, O, X
7 - G, H, P
8 - H, Q, Z
9 - I, R


Add together all the numbers of the name Jocelyn (1+6+3+5+3+7+5) = 30 and Robosa (9+6+2+6+1+1) = 25

Then add the values 30 + 25 = 55
Then add together 5+5 = 10
Then add again the 1 +0 = 1

The numerical value, or Name Number, of the my name is therefore 9. Use this method of numerology to calculate the value of your full name and fine the hidden meanings and characteristics of the name Jocelyn together with any middle names and your last name.

Interpretation Meaning and Characteristics using Numerology and the Name Number.

Check out the meaning and characteristics of your special number

1 - Competitive - a leader, independent, strength, creative and original
2 - Diplomatic - friendly, tactful, peaceful, gentle and sensitive
3 - Optimistic - easygoing, sociable, spontaneous and humorous
4 - Traditionalist - determined, reliable, conservative, activist and organized
5 - Creative - free-spirited, artistic, enquiring, innovative and influential
6 - Contributor - responsible, careful, conventional and reliable
7 - Inventive - Imaginative, resourceful, eccentric, quiet and thoughtful
8 - Organizer - leadership skills, planner, strong, high achiever and sound judgment
9 - Humanitarian - compassionate, caring, charitable and civilized

How about you what does your name means? I would be glad if you will put your comment and ideas about how you view your name and how important it is to you. Have a blessed life.

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