Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why Money is important?

It's been awhile since I last posted an article in my blog. However, during those times that I am not active I've come to realized things and ponder about it.

All over the place here in the Philippines you can see lots of banners, leaflets .. items used for the elections. New faces of candidates surfaces seeking for a position in a government. But who knows what is their intentions.. is it truly for public service or for money?

Thinking of these things I ask my self , is money really important? Well, for me it is since we are living in a world where all material things are present all around, it makes the world evolve, they say. Anyway I think money is good if the person holding and using it is good, it just becomes evil when someone with evil thinking used this for personal gains.

I come to wonder how rich become more richer and poor becomes more poorer? help me find out how we ordinary people can be financially abundant.

I just recently joined a group formed by Mr. Bo Sanchez, and hopefully, the visioned of a financially abundant life, free from worries & debts and with lots of people I can help will soon come true. Come start with me here AT TRULY RICH CLUB!

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