Saturday, May 16, 2009


YOU MUST THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE. What?? For an average person like me who work from 8 am to 5pm everyday as an employee with a fixed monthly income (a salary that does is not even enough!)How can I do that? Does this line sound familiar?

Thinking like a millionaire means that you must get your thinking away from inside The Survival Zone. “Survival Zone” means a place of not having enough, always seeing the bad things and lack of hope, that nothing will change, no place to excel more, a place of “TAKERS”. You must mentally place yourself outside The Survival Zone.

Who are millionaires? They enjoy fine things, attends exclusive parties and gatherings, wonderful big houses, amazing cars, lots of business, have millions in their bank account. Much easy to say they have abundance in their financial life, they have power and fame. They look good because they feel good.

Having a positive outlook in life create a beautiful attraction in all fine things a life can offer. That’s how millionaires think. Millionaires are always giving. THEY ARE A GIVER. That's how you see them coming. Other people are always expecting to receive from them.

You might even think, you cannot keep up with that, you will eventually loss your money by giving. Well, successful people think the opposite way. You see, the truth of it all is that you do have and continue to have more than you need when you make a habit of making other people better off. Even the Bible state that if you GIVE, it will given be back to you, Good measure, pressed down and shaken together, you will be abundantly bless.

It is all seem so very simple, though most will still doubt it but the function, purpose and attitude of a millionaire is to GIVE. It is never about TAKE. And you can't give unless you have abundance . A millionaire GIVES because he IS abundance. Really wealthy people want more only because they want to have more to give.

How to start thinking like a millionaire?

First, you must DO what you love, add enormous value, and use it as your powerful resource. That is what successful people always think. Do what you love best and excel from it by generating new ideas about it. Think how to add as much value as possible to what you love doing.

Second, in that way you succeed, you must determine what obstacles that may cause you to fail - the greatest of which is to be found doing what you were not physically, mentally or spiritually fashioned to do. Ask for someone expert on things you think you are not capable doing by your self.

Focus on your dreams, hold on to that and picture yourself inside that dream. Love yourself, always seek for excellence, you have to bring out that fierce desire of yours to excel and be abundant. As long as you truly enjoy doing what you're doing. You can be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

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