Thursday, May 14, 2009


For the first time blogger, the quite hard part is (correct me if I'm wrong) is finding what to write about. Most of them keep on thinking what will be a good topic to explore and how to write it continuously. But before we proceed to this problem, first ask your self what is my motive for writing or having a blog? Is it because you want to have a "personal diary" in the internet, is it for money or just for fun. Whatever the reason is we have to keep in mind that having your own blog means it will be available for million readers using the internet, so we better be sincere and true to any articles or ideas we want to convey with our readers.

During my first time as a blogger, it really hehe "quite" blows my mind what to write about, well not to mention the design of your website (huh! more on this on my other articles).

How did I come up with what to write about ...simple, nope quite take a 2 weeks (until I read from one my favorite blogger - tips about how to choose a topic), I started with what I like doing best. Let see, I love talking to people, associate with them, I am passionate in reading books about inspiring people, I am fond of people having a positive attitude all the time
whether they are having a hard time, you can see in them that everything will be fine.. how I admire such people! If only there will be lots of them, then this planet will be full of positive things around.. maybe this serve as a strong drive for me to have this blog anyway.

So, in conclusion, after finding these all out, I discover my passion, I realize .. I love inspirational and motivational writings and articles, I love to inspire people, I love sharing my experiences and transform these into learning experiences which I think can help others too to be inspired and get motivated. I want to share Joy, hope and inspiration to everyone, I am a Joy Giver. That's the subject of my blog.. I Am Joy Giver!

Just follow your hearts desire, having a blog will give you opportunity to share your ideas and at the same time will help you meet friends. Just be true and honest to whatever you put into writing. People reading your blog will never visit your website again if they see you are not sincere.

Do not feel frustrated if there will be no visit to your blog..that is because you are still starting, anyway all the successful blogger out there started from in 0, so keep the faith and just continue writing.

The following tips I hope will help you to start.

1.Finding what you love to do or talk about, is it about car, your personal experiences and how you learn from that experiences, or it may be about the pet you love so much you cannot get enough to talk about it to your friends. Bottom line you have to find a subject that you will never get tired of writing an articles or ideas about it, yes even if it takes years. You just keep on coming up with new and fresh ideas.

2. Let us say, you do not have hobbies or likings in anything as mentioned on the number 1 tip ( I wonder if there are such person) anyway assuming there is, find if you have a strong drive to learn about new ideas such as how to cook, how to start selling on line, etc.. then search for that ideas and share it with your readers. It's like hitting two birds with one stone, you are learning as well as you make it easy for your readers to learn from it too, since you find articles and do researches for them!

2. Read articles that are related to subject you want to blog about.

3. Look or follow professional blogger that offers help on blogging and share their ideas on how to get going with internet marketing.

4. Enjoy and love what you are doing, explore more and just keep on going, think positive always and picture it out in your mind that time will come thousands of readers will be there.


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