Saturday, May 16, 2009


You feel the world is against you ... can you still get inspired?

When you are financially down and you have to strive hard to make ends meet since your income is just not enough, the most basic instinct of a man is the feeling of being incompetent, we pity ourselves of not having enough and question why life seems hard on you.

I myself, experience such problem. But you know what, you have to condition your mind that all of these are temporary. They say, life is like a wheel, sometimes your up, sometime your down. I always imagine the beautiful things that may come out after this problem is solve.

Whenever, financial burden strike me here's what I do.

First, I pray and ask the Lord for help.- There is a verse in the bible that affirms that the Lord will not forsake us in times of need - "If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you (John 15:7) ". He will take charge of my financial and help me source out ways on how to come up with the money I need. From my personal experience. it is proven all the time. You just don't know how magically the Lord work on our problems. His help always comes on perfect timing.

Second, it may sounds weird but I wrote it in a piece of paper all the things I own. I was able to purchase a lot for my dream house, a car, I have a laptop, house appliances - my favorite big TV! I got covered in a health & life insurance, ... whem! I can go on.. but let us stop there. See I got tangible things I can say I owned, all I purchased from my income. Then I read it many times, eventually I started feeling good. Come to think of it, I only mentioned the tangible thing I have. How about having a wonderful family, best friends to confide your problems, cute kids, loving and adorable husband (isn't it not fulfilling enough just thinking of them?) Actually upon counting all my blessings, I quite feel rich ! (heheh). I awesomely feel great! You have to condition your mind that everything will be fine and you will attract fine things in life. The problem just seems to disappear from your view replaced by faith and hope.

Third, I look around our community, there are other people striving much harder compare to me in order to meet daily needed food for their family. Able to realize this, I am able to accept that financial burden happen to all people, not just to you and me. So cheer up, after all you are much in a good condition than them. So better get out of that chair and instead of drowning yourself to your problem - start doing something about it. Spread joy with someone who mostly need your help. It may not be financial help but an advise or just being there for him or her will do.

Lastly you have to remember that God is in control, no matter what problem we are experiencing right now, but you have to remain in Him and be prepared for this reality in life - the temporal suffering.


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