Saturday, May 23, 2009



It was one rainy day, my kids and I just stay inside our room and since they cannot play outside due to heavy rains, I just let them play around while I was reading an inspirational book. Kids especially toddlers as all we know are really very active in nature they sometimes fight over one toy. My kids love building blocks, I just don't know why despite the fact that they have more than a hundred pieces of building blocks, still they fight over 1 small block!

My little son, Justin, was the one shouting out loud..mine! mine! while her sister, Jazmine, was doing her best to let go of Justin's grip of the toy. While they are struggling in order to win over the other, there goes sudden thunder! It was so loud, they both got startled, eventually release the poor toy, living it all alone by itself, my son immediately embrace her "Ate" (Ate in the Philippines, means elder sister). He was afraid, I can see that is his very round black eyes. In response, my daughter hug his baby brother back and she said, " don't worry Justin, ate is here, come lets go to mama". And she carried his brother to me. I warmly embrace them both and since it was nap time already, I put them to sleep. I love watching them sleep, they are so innocent, trusting and so peaceful.

As i reflect over their behavior awhile ago, I suddenly realize that such instances also happen between me and my kids though in different scenario of course. I was like that of Jazmine's behavior, struggling to keep her temper burst out as she finds a way to remove Justin's hand away from the toy. That was mama when these two little kids are not behaving well, I was trying to compose myself not to get angry or else they will get in trouble really. Disciplining children is quite hard really, I try as much as possible not to spank or shout at them because I still believe that talking to them is much appropriate way of discipline. So I have to take a deep breath to keep calm.

And after the thunder incident, I saw myself from the way Jazmine's act as Protector of his brother. That was me when they are sick, I provide them with my best care so that they get well soon. When they are hungry, I fed them with nutritious food and vitamins to make them more strong and healthy. When they are afraid to sleep at night because we usually turn off the lights, I am there to tell them stories until they feel asleep. I bought them hypo-allergenic soap so that they will not get skin irritation. I make sure their shampoo has a "no more tears" formula so that it will not hurt their eyes when they take a bath. In short. I protect, nurture and love them. As their mother I am ready to give my life for them. That is mama, that is me.

6 years had past since I embrace the responsibility of being a mother and a wife. I can say that it was the most fulfilling chapter of my life. Seeing and watching my kids grow is my achievement of being a mom. I have kept in my heart all the experiences and moment I had with them. From nurturing them in my womb for 9 months, their normal delivery into this world (gosh it was so painful, I thought I would die!) but when I heard them cry, I feel so much joy, pain is forgotten. My children is my life and inspiration. I know I still have a long way to go as they grow more, I am prepared and I will be there for them no matter what.

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