Wednesday, May 27, 2009


You have to FIND YOUR EMOTIONAL WHY. I kept this question on my mind and this triggers me more to strive harder and go far beyond what I can do in order to meet my aspirations in life. Before I go on telling my story, let me ask you first the following question. This will determine how strong is your emotional why, this may even make you realize to go forward in reaching for that life you wanted to have.

1. Do you want to have a life free from debt and able you to buy things you need and want?

2. How about traveling anytime you want with my family and whoever I want to be? How about spending lots of wonderful time with my kids.

3. Give your parents their dream house and able to give them worry free financial life and just let them enjoy being a grandma & grandpa to their grand children.

3. Sleeping and getting up anytime of the day without someone to get mad at you because you are late for work??

4. Do you feel the compassion to share something big for the less fortunate without worrying about cutting a portion of your budget for your family?

5. How about the feeling of being a millionaire, able to share and give?

Actually there are lots of question that you can ask yourself, that will make your inner drive to
flame and get your feet to moving. Finding or outsourcing any means of money making machines to make this dream come true. Well, questions above is my emotional why. That is what i want to live my life.

I want to become financially stable in order to help myself and my family leave a much comfortable life. I want to use 'cash' whenever I purchase expensive thing like house, new car or just anything extravagant (hey, I am dreaming right now ok, trying to picture out how wonderful that feeling would be). But kidding aside, these are my ways in order for me to keep on going as I reach for that goal. It made me focused all the time. Just thinking of the outcome if I succeed brings me shiver and excitement. A life with much fulfillment that would be.

How about you what is your biggest emotional why? Turn this as your steps in making your dream come true.

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  1. To dreams. Now we will make those dreams come true.