Sunday, December 2, 2012

Joyful Giver witness the 41st National Day of UAE

Joyful Giver witness the 41st National Day of UAE

Just like this sweet donut, I am sweetly mesmerized by how UAE celebrate their National Day. With extravagance and great love.  

On this day, 2nd of December 1971, the United Arab Emirates was formed after receiving its independence formally from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and eventually leading to the unification of the seven emirates which together formed the UAE, the Dubai Chronicle reported. Info from Khaleej times

Since it is my first time to witness such big event, I could say that Arab nationals truly showed patriotism, a devotion to one's country. From the spectacular fireworks, colorful cars that has a pictures of their leader and the color of their flag to the goodies cakes and clothing, you can see flag of UAE all around. It is really their day!


Happy 41st National Day UAE!  We Filipinos celebrate with you cause your country allows us Filipino to work in your country thus this serve as our bread and butter to help our family and country as well. With that we are truly grateful.

May Allah bless you all the more.

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