Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Do you know that there is power in your words? Every word you utter whether bad or good creates a force and comes into a reality. We should be careful with things we say especially if it talks about a person's future or how you view him as an individual.

Much more to say, avoid saying bad things about anyone. What you just said you can never track back. There is no rewind. If the words you said was hurtful, that person may forgive you for saying it after you apologize, but it will never be erased from his mind. Your word will serve as a hindrance to a much better relationship because he will be cautious of telling you about his problems or plans and refrain from doing what he naturally do when you are around.

However, if you praise someone by a job well done or you have given an advise to someone who has problem and that your words gave him hope and drive him a desire to move on, the result is beyond what you can expect. It leads to better relationship. People value more your friendship and see you as their confidant. It is indeed a great feeling, right?

Building friendship and a warm relationship needs nurturing. It is deepen more with the way we communicate with one another.

For a husband and wife, although you have been together for a long time, delivering your words must also be in a careful way too. You may never know, but the way you deliver your question may convey different interpretation to your partner. It may hurt their feelings and that is quite bad. Remember, family is a foundation that molds future generation so parents must be living harmoniously.

For the parents, saying good things about you kid's future and what you want them to be in life attracts a force that seems every steps they make directs to that dream you view them to have. Everything just drops on their lap so to speaks. You must say it loud, it is your blessing to your children.

Even in simple day to day experiences we have, after getting up in bed and you set in your mind this will be a fun, happy day for me. What happen then? Everything you do is wonderful right? You are happy and things are going well all throughout the day. But if you wake up, sad face and feeling sober. Gloomy day we have, isn't it?

Am I right about so far? Whatever word that comes into your lips may bring a blessing or a curse. What would you choose?

Seriously put some thoughts into this, our words may bring life and hope to anyone and to our selves. Be careful in what we say, utter words that invites good things and create joy, faith and hope.

The only real question to ask yourself is this. I am a giver or a taker? May your words be a magnet for blessing and abundance.

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