Monday, June 1, 2009


I believe that failure does not make us less of a person, neither it is the end of our journey in life.
After failure a fresh start begins. We cannot avoid having a mistakes and it is never too late to correct it.

One of the most inspiring story that affirms failure is not final is from the daughter of Billy Graham. We all know that Billy Graham is one of the world's most loved and renowned evangelist of our time. His daughter also experienced failure and it is much harder on her part since people around the world is expecting so much from her - that is be victorious in all areas of their her life.

Ruth Graham, youngest daughter of Ruth and Billy Graham, shared a message of hope and healing last August 3, 2005 at General Council Women's Luncheon in Denver.

Her messy complicated life was filled of heartbreak and shame. Her life was not what she envisioned as a daughter of one of the world's most loved and renowned evangelists. She writes about divorce, depression and her own bad judgment, as well as parenting her children through teen pregnancy, drug use and an eating disorder. Her difficulties caused her to question God, struggle to forgive those who hurt her and worry about embarrassing her famous family. She realized that bitter personal experiences has taught her that God specializes in restoration. "Our ruins become places of hope in God's eyes," Graham says in her book "In every Pew Sits a Broken Heart".

"Failure is never final," adds Graham. "God does not condemn us for our mistakes. He sees hope where others see failure. His desire is to bring us out of devastation-healed and strengthened-with a song in our hearts."

The greatest handicap is fear. The hardest thing to do is to begin. The most useless asset is pride. The sweetest thing to do is to forgive. The greatest mistake is to GIVE UP!

Do not accept defeat, you are born a winner!

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