Saturday, May 16, 2009


Time has passed and things have changed
Bright cloud’s beauty spread above
Tearful eyes begin to smile, longing heart
Begin to love,
Once you’ve found an old, old poem
You’ve read each line of sorrowed soul
Now I’m here blessed and strong
Love by you and love by all.
I made a vow for him to know
Wherever he is my heart there’s too,
But now that’s past and God’s put new
New beginning, new love
He had prepared for me to have.
My heart’s with you that I know,
I cannot breath now if that’s not true
You’ve changed my life and bring me back
To this cruel world, cruel life
You are my life, my soul my breath
With you and God alone, surely I can leave.
You are my found treasure here on earth,
The heavenly blessing that the Lord gives
I love you more each day I live and
Promise you this love will live
Until the Lord’s call me in His grace.

I wrote this poem last October 12, 2002

If you have a hobby of making a poem, feel free to share it with us, go on make you feelings show through your poem. Send it here by writing on comments link below. God bless you.

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