Friday, May 18, 2012

The Power of BELIEF

 I intentionally did not put the "writing article on this blog" as one of my itinerary. Yes, I lost focus, just now, while typing this article, I realized I have forgotten one of the most worthwhile hobby I ever had in my life.. writing an article to help even in my own humble way to spread the goodness of our Lord.

Last night, when I attended one of our prayer meetings, the word BELIEVE is the main focus of the bible verse  the our preacher shared with us. He told us we may not be like preachers or a well known person to be able to make the world turn their heads and hear what we are trying to say, but, you can do something in your own little way, you can change someone.. with just a little step, with just reaching out to person close to you, and by believing you have done what the Lord wants us to do.. to spread his word, his goodness and his love. If they believe, they will receive salvation, divine protection and healing power to name a few of God's blessings.

BELIEVE and you will see the power that the Lord will do from the little effort you shared. From that moment, I remember this blog! The Lord is telling me to just continue writing.. even if no one will see or read it, just do it. I am truly amazed, once I again I am able to hear his word, the busy days is over... I am happy, I know he will used this blog to reach someone who is struggling about his faith. BELIEVE my friend and it surely will happen.

I have found a wonderful, heart warming christian song by Casting Crown that tells about a person asking who I am Lord for you to look at and give blessing? The Lord's simple answer : because YOU are MINE... and I do believe Lord that I AM YOURS. Happy watching everyone!

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