Monday, November 8, 2010

The benefits of problems and human limitation

The benefits of problems and human limitation

In life, there are bad times in order for us to see the beautiful things.

1. It helps us remember Christ suffering for us
- it reminds us to look up and recognize the Lord who is the source of everything.

2. It keeps us from pride
- The Lord goes with people that are humble (Isiah 57:15)

3. It helps us to look back in this life
- it reminds us to where we come from, what we are before we become what we are right now

4. It proves our faith to others
- it makes us realize that we cannot live alone, we need people to keep our faith and to help us in life

5. It gives God the opportunity to demonstrate His great power
- Nothing is impossible with God. He surface when we can hold no more.

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  1. Revived article, you almost explains human nature by your article. Thanks