Sunday, July 26, 2009


" The winner takes it all.. the losers standing small..."

Then goes the score.. dyarrrran! 85 hehhe.. not bad right? This is what my friends and I do whenever we had a get together party.. A VIDEOKE SING-ALONG! Well, everyone knows it especially we Filipino.. we love to sing! Commonly it is done in a private room where in you and your friends got to chose your own song.. then you will sing never bothered if you are out of tune or not hahaha... a fun time really. It is a place where everyone is a great singer.

Last July 18, we went to CENTER STAGE located in Timog Ave, Q.C. It is a great place though the room is quite small. We had best time of our lives singing.

To all friends.. let your feelings flow through song. Enjoy and have fun!

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  1. actually, I've never been in one of those ^-^
    about your blog..ok nmn po..keep up the good work