Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bo Sanchez, preacher in blue jeans

One of great preacher I've been following is Bo Sanchez, he is known also as preacher in blue jeans. This person is so down to earth and very inspiring when you hear him preach the good news of the Lord. It seems as if he is reading your mind, you will agree that what he is sharing is what you have been through also. I just love this person. A total picture of a person blessed by our God, spiritually and materially, he prosper because he is able to plant a good seeds that he share to everyone and harvesting this in its perfect time.

Actually he is my mentor when it comes to having a positive attitude in life. I am always inspired by his articles. Through reading his blogs and soulfood newsletter, I was able to re-direct my attention in focusing more on my strength and finding ways how to overcome my weaknesses. Truly, Bo Sanchez is a giver.. giver of blessing, joy and hope for people who struggles in life's choices. He was able to penetrate the depth of my heart and soul by the wonderful advises that he freely share with his followers. This makes mo more in awe of God's power and love.

If you want to know more of him and be blessed like me, check the preacher in blue jeans.

Have a blessed fruitful life everyone.

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